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I am AGGUNNA MADHUMITA, pursuing BTECH.BIOTECHNOLOGY (2017-2021) in GITAM DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY, VISAKHAPATNAM. Biotechnology is a passion for which TCABS-E stood as a major support to achieve and explore. “Life of anything depends on the genetic information, which can help to find a key for most of the locked disorders. Genetic engineering when came into the light gave a new definition to biotechnology.” is what I believe. “Finding out the reasons for the failure of Immunotherapy” being the title of my research idea, I started working on it with the help of TCABS-E. Working with TCABS-E and the learning experience with TCABS-E made my belief stronger. TCABS-E is the best place if one is in search of support for your dream projects and research.



I am Madhuri Vissapragada, pursuing Bachelor’s in Lifesciences from Dr.Lankapalli Bullayya College,  Visakhapatnam. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself so that I have something to strive towards. I always look for opportunities to do better and that’s when I got into TCABSE. I believe strongly that development of interdisciplinary science research brings the solutions to current global problems and TCABSE provides a proper assistance and guidance for it. All we need is a novel idea and TCABSE is the right platform to develop your ideas and bring them to practicality. 



I am Niharikha Mukala an enthusiastic, highly-motivated Science student, who likes to take initiative and seek out new challenges. I am currently pursuing my final year Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology(2017-2020) at Aditya Degree College, Asilmetta, Visakhapatnam "The best way to predict the future is to create it" and the desire to create is what motivated me throughout my path. The combination of molecular biology, genetics and immunology in the field of oncology is what interests me. The unsolved part in cancer treatment (i.e., identify and modify the genes that are responsible for the immune system functioning with respect to carcinogens, the role and metabolism in cancer patients, intracellular signalling and its connection with the cell cycle, boosting of the immune system against cancer) is the concept on which I want to do in my research work. I am seeking an internship at TCABS-E, an amazing and unique place to study, learn work, gain experience with different exposures to build the best career in research. I started working on my project in Immunology at TCABS-E under the support and guidance of Dr.Ravi Kiran. I'm thankful to TCABS-E for this opportunity.

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I am Santhi Nissi Addala, pursuing B.Sc in Life Sciences (2018-2021) from Dr. Lankpalli Bullayya College, Visakhapatnam. I always thrive to learn and experiment with something new, which is why I always dreamt of getting into the research field. TCABS-E helped me to find a way for myself to fulfill this passion. Through support from TCABS-E, I was able to develop a novel approach to work on my idea of Increasing the potentiality of Menstrual blood Stem cells to be useful to treat a wide range of diseases and for developing new therapies. I think that the world is full of opportunities for the people who want to learn, but choosing the best among those makes the difference. TCABS-E, which aims to develop practical knowledge across various fields in the sciences is one of those best places, where one can make his/her dream of getting into research fulfilled.

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I am the founder of TCABS-E and feel highly privileged to work with like-minded young scientists as a part of this executive committee. I believe in giving chance to youngsters during their UG/PG training so that they have a complete outlook on biomedical research methodology and management aspects which helps them to be better and well organized scientists in the future thus shaping a better India!

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