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Overview: This is a one year program in which the trainees get basic lab training and work on a mini-real time project based on the trainees' interests. This program provides knowledge and practical laboratory skills to the trainees towards a Technician career both in academic labs and industry. This program is equivalent to postgraduate level. (NOTE: Trainees once admitted into this course can choose to continue towards the three year "Junior Scientific Investigator" certification)


Curriculum: The trainees must choose one field of their interest as a core interdisciplinary subject from the following list:

  • Life Sciences

  • Medicinal Chemistry

  • Computational Sciences

  • Biophysics

  • Drug Discovery

In addition to the core, trainees may choose up to 3 electives of their choice. However, this requires the internal evaluation of the trainee by the Founder of TCABS-E (Click here for electives list!)

Eligibility: Open to all who completed undergraduate degree. However, the minimum required qualification is successful completion of the first year undergraduate degree. So undergraduate students who are in their second year of their undergraduate degree are also eligible.

Admission: Trainees who complete internship programs from TCABS-E can get direct admission into this program. New applicants without prior internship experience from TCABS-E must go through an entrance exam. (Click here for TCABS-E internship programs). However, applicants who are willing to pay the full fee without any discounts can directly join the program in the "sponsored quota" with full fee payment during the admission.

Fee: Trainees pay 50% of the fee at the time of admission into the first year (NOTE: applicants through the sponsored quota are not eligible for any discounts in the fee). Each year costs Rs. 1 Lakh. However, trainees who complete TCABS-E internship program can get up to 50% discount in the first year depending on their scores and new applicants are eligible for up to 20% discount based on their score in the entrance exam.

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