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The Center for Advanced-Applied Biological Sciences &
Entrepreneurship-Journal (TCABSE-J)

About the Journal:

TCABSE-J is an interdisciplinary (multidisciplinary) online scientific journal published online by The Center for Advanced-Applied Biological Sciences & Entrepreneurship (TCABS-E). TCABSE-J was started in the year 2020 as an online open access journal for the benefit of the scientific community especially during pandemics such as COVID-19. The online format of TCABSE-J helps people to access articles from home during the pandemics. The inaugural issue of TCABSE-J was released online on October 25th, 2020 on the occasion of Vijaya Dasami (A well known Indian national festival). We publish two issues per year, the first issue is published in March/April (on the occasion of Ugadi, Telugu New Year day) and the second issue is published in October (on the occasion of Vijaya Dasami) every year. As much as we aspire to be international with respect to the content of TCABSE-J, we follow the Indian traditions respecting the Indian culture and values. TCABSE-J will be primarily published in English and in future we are planning to provide translated versions of all articles published in TCABSE-J in Telugu and Hindi languages for the convenience of the readers in India. Although we are interested in providing translations in all the >20 spoken languages in India, we understand that it is beyond our scope and capability.

     The founder of TCABS-E, Dr. Ravikiran S. Yedidi had given an excellent opportunity to all the students of TCABS-E to publish free of cost (article processing fee) in TCABSE-J as long as their manuscripts meet the criteria of the journal. With more than 20 years of Biomedical research experience from the U.S., Canada and India, Dr. Yedidi believes in creating opportunities to the students and young scientists to encourage them as better researchers in the future especially in the Indian sub-continent. To this end, Dr. Yedidi had provided various community based free online learning opportunities such as the TOCC2020 to inspire the students during the COVID-19 pandemic national lock down and save them from the pandemic depression.

     Currently we are in the process of building an online manuscript submission system which will be available to the authors in the year 2022. Meanwhile, the authors can submit their manuscripts to us via email ( ). Once we receive the manuscript, an initial check of the submitted file(s) will be performed and an acknowledgement email will be sent to the corresponding author. This acknowledgement email will clearly list any missing files (if any) so the author can respond accordingly. The complete manuscript will be initially reviewed by the Editor-in-chief ( Dr. Ravikiran S. Yedidi ) to determine if the submitted manuscript is scientifically sound enough to be handed over to the editorial board for further review. In this initial review, the Editor-in-chief reserves the right to decline the manuscript for publication in TCABSE-J and will provide a detail letter stating the reasons for declining the manuscript. The authors can still choose to archive their manuscript in TCABSE-J Rxive along with the reason why it was declined to be published in TCABSE-J that will be visible to the public. Alternately, the authors can publish their manuscript elsewhere. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to inform TCABSE-J ( ) if the manuscript gets published elsewhere so that it can be permanently removed from TCABSE-J Rxive. Manuscripts that pass the initial review will be forwarded to the editorial board for a double-blind review which usually takes between 10-15 days. Up on the completion of the review, the editorial board will contact the corresponding author with their comments. The authors will be given enough time for their rebuttal based on which, the editorial board will make a final decision whether to accept or decline the manuscript for publication in TCABSE-J. All the accepted manuscripts will be posted online immediately without formatting and will later be updated to the journal format along with the page numbers, etc. that may take up to two months.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our journal at: or Call/WhatsApp: +91-8660301662

ISSN: 2583-2557

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