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Welcome to TCABS-E "Open Concept" Journal Club!

(Anyone can present research articles as power point presentations)

  • May 1st, 2021: Genetic strategies for improving crop yield.

    • ​Presented by Ms. Harshavardhini Bapa, TCABS-E internship student. 

  • Mar 14th, 2021: Education system in India.

    • ​Presented by Ms. Anusha Manam, TCABS-E internship student. 

  • Mar 7th, 2021: Artificial intelligence in medicine.

    • ​Presented by Mr. Abhinav Grandhi, TCABS-E internship student. 

  • Feb 20th, 2021: Chemo-resistance mediated by ceRNA networks.

    • Presented by Ms. Akhila Kamidi, TCABS-E internship student.

  • Feb 03rd, 2021: Bromodomains in chromatin biology and gene expression.

    • Presented by Ms. Jahnavipriya Mojjada, TCABS-E internship student.

  • Jan 27th, 2021: Antimicrobial resistance: antibiotic abuse in the society.

    • Presented by Ms. Suvarna Gollu, TCABS-E internship student.

  • Jan 20th, 2021: 3D cell culture models in drug discovery.

    • Presented by Ms. Pranavi Chavali and Ms. Yogita Munju, TCABS-E internship students.​​

  • Jan 09th, 2021: Genome Packing: the complicated complexity!

    • Presented by Dr. Ravikiran S. Yedidi, Founder, TCABS-E.


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