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The Center for Advanced-Applied Biological Sciences &
Entrepreneurship-Journal (TCABSE-J)

Aims and Scope:

TCABSE-J is an open access online interdisciplinary sciences journal that accepts and publishes original research articles (full length & brief communications), review articles (full length & mini-reviews), commentaries, perspectives, student thesis (undergraduate, masters and doctoral), conference proceedings, etc. We aim to publish good quality science irrespective of its impact on the field as long as it is interdisciplinary. We accept manuscripts from all Life Sciences, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence applied in biomedical research fields, to name a few! At TCABSE-J we believe that interdisciplinary sciences are the present and future of scientific research and highly encourage prospective authors to seriously consider this opinion.

     Our aim is to encourage the scientific community to think interdisciplinary to help scientific advancements much faster such that the society can enjoy the fruits of scientific research sooner. While we are extremely excited about publishing novel methodologies and cutting edge discoveries coming out of the well established laboratories from experienced scientists around the globe, we give equal priority to students at all levels of education (UG, PG, Doctoral, etc. from both professional and non-professional streams of education) as long as the manuscript contains proper science that is of interdisciplinary nature. We believe that any experiment performed with appropriate controls is worth publishing!

     Many students aim for publications to get visibility especially in this highly competitive job market. TCABSE-J is willing to publish the student theses as long as the thesis is associated with a mentor either with their home institution or from TCABS-E and meets the goals of TCABSE-J (please see the author guidelines for details). We do not believe in being measured by an impact factor because we are more interested in providing the publication services to the scientific community at affordable pricing rather than struggling for a mere number that determines our impact. 

     TCABSE-J encourages the authors to submit manuscripts from wide-range of scientific fields including artificial intelligence that is relevant to Life Sciences but not limited to. We thrive for novelty in research whether it is scientific or entrepreneurial

We publish a wide range of topics as articles in various short and long formats to help the present and future aspiring scientists as well as students in training.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our journal at: or Call/WhatsApp: +91-8660301662

ISSN: 2583-2557

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