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The Center for Advanced-Applied Biological Sciences &
Entrepreneurship-Journal (TCABSE-J)

Volume 1 of TCABSE-J, Issue 3: April 2nd, 2022

ISSN: 2583-2557


  • TCABSE-J Communications:

    • Artistic representation of scientific data: prediction of mutant SARS-CoV-2 viral fitness based on the viral spike protein coding mRNA stability.

             (Aggunna, M., Grandhi, A.V.K.S. and Yedidi, R.S. 2022)

  • TCABSE-J Research Article:

    • Increase in the predicted mRNA stability of certain SARS CoV-2 mutant spike proteins compared to wild type may pose potential risk to vaccines.

             (Gampa et al. 2022)

Suppl. Data

  • TCABSE-J Research Article:

    • Quantitative structure-activity relationship report: Analogs of GRL10413 (HIV-1 protease inhibitor) vs. HIV-1 protease.

             (Aggunna and Yedidi 2022)

Suppl. Data

  • TCABSE-J Research Article:

    • Screening the MiR-25 database revealed FBXW7 protein as one of its onco-targets for potential therapeutic design.

             (Chintalapati, Tula and Yedidi 2022)

  • TCABSE-J Mini-Research Article:

    • Evaluation of structural deviations in HIV-1 gp-120 clinical mutant models to guide the HIV-vaccine design towards passive immunization.

             (Regani et al. 2022)

  • TCABSE-J Mini-Research Article:

    • Sequence coverage and model completion using template-based protein structure prediction with and without de novo structure prediction protocols. (Sheik, R., Vangalapudi, H. & Yedidi, R.S. 2022)

  • TCABSE-J Strategic Communications:

    • HelicoTAC©, a PROTAC-based small molecule targeting the virulence factor Cag A of H. pylori as a potential therapeutic for gastritis and gastric cancer. (Aggunna & Yedidi 2021)

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