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The Center for Advanced-Applied Biological Sciences &
Entrepreneurship-Journal (TCABSE-J)

Volume 1 of TCABSE-J, Issue 7: May 29th, 2024

ISSN: 2583-2557


  • TCABSE-J Perspective:

    • A little bit of hands-on practical experience through workshops goes a long way.

             (Akella et al. 2024)

  • TCABSE-J Meeting Minutes:

    • The first Andhra Bio-Summit Symposium and workshops cluster, 2024. (Yedidi et al. 2024)

  • TCABSE-J Symposium Proceedings:

    • Andhra Bio-Summit Symposium Poster Abstracts.

  • TCABSE-J Research Article:

    • Exploring the street food bacterial diversity in the city of destiny using the bacterial 16S rRNA genotyping. (Sundaram et al. 2024)

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