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Ms. Niharikha Mukala

M.Sc. (Biotechnology)

Juniorette Assistant Professor,

Head of the Branch (HoB),

Multiomics-Infectious Diseases Branch, 

Department of Intramural Research Core (IRC)

The Center for Advanced-Applied Biological Sciences & Entrepreneurship (TCABS-E), Visakhapatnam (A.P.) India.

Telephone: +91 8660301662; Email: tcabse.india(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Research Interests: Applications of multiomics to Infectious Diseases.

Going up to the gas station to fill up the tank with gasoline for a price is very convenient for vehicle owners but how about immune-boosting stations where people can go and get booster shots for extra immunity when they feel low especially during the pandemics such as COVID-19? In order to build something like this, one should have full knowledge of various types of infectious diseases, treatments available and the human immune system that responds to these infections. In this strategic communication, we describe the strategy of using a multiomics approach targeting both the infectious diseases and the immune system simultaneously to obtain the full knowledge that is needed to build something that is close to the immune-boosting stations in the future. We believe that this strategy can be stand alone or can be supplemented with other inputs that are missing and will help us to design various prototypes that can be explored further.

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Publications (Listed Chronologically)

  1. Mukala, N., Yedidi, R.S. (2021) The immune-booster strategy, IDIOMA: Infectious diseases immunomics meta-analysis. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 2:25-27. Epub: Oct 15th, 2021. (View publication)

  2. Mukala, N., Yedidi, R.S. (2022) In vitro assay design using chicken liver extracts to study the CYP450-mediated metabolism of drugs & pharmaceuticals: a cheaper alternative for laboratories. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 3:35-41. Epub: Apr 2nd , 2022. (View publication)

  3. Addala, S., Vissapragada, M., Aggunna, M., Mukala, N., Lanka, M., Gampa, S., Sodasani, M., Chintalapati, J., Kamidi, A., Veeranna, R.P., Yedidi, R.S. (2022) Success of Current COVID-19 Vaccine Strategies vs. the Epitope Topology of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein-Receptor Binding Domain (RBD): A Computational Study of RBD Topology to Guide Future Vaccine Design. Vaccines. 2022; 10(6):841.

  4. Vissapragada, M., Addala, S., Aggunna, M., Mukala, N., Chintalapati, J., Kamidi, A., Korabu, M. S., Lanka, M., Palla, H., Sodasani, M., Grandhi, A. V. K. S., Unnisa, A., Adhikari, A., Kumpatla, A. D., Yerabolu, B., Paidi, C., Pemmadi, G., Penta, H., Mallavalli, H., Gadigoyala, K., Voleti, M., Ravilisetty, M., Akula, N., Gundubogula, P., Puripanda, P., Lankapalli, P., Sandipamu, P., Nagraj, R., Tamarala, R., Geddam, R., Kolluru, R., Oggu, R., Garbhapu, R., Meka, S., Geddam, S., Viyyapu, S., Sammangi, S., Javvaji, S., Chattopadhyay, S., Inemella, S., Grandhi, V., Chigilipalli, Y., Puppala, Y. C., Sharma, M. H., Gubbala, S., Thakur, K., Aanaparthi, S., Pothula, B. and Yedidi, R.S. (2022). In silico analysis of molnupiravir usage vs. efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 5:1-14. Mar 22nd, 2023. Epub: Oct 20th, 2022. (View publication)

  5. Mukala, M., Aggunna, M., and Yedidi, R. S. (2023). Sequence homology-based identification of paracetamol metabolizing enzymes in chicken liver homogenates for in vitro drug metabolism studies. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 5:12-19. Mar 22nd, 2023. Epub: Oct 25th, 2022. (View publication)

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