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Ms. Manisha Lanka

M.Sc. (Biochemistry)

TCABS-E Scientist,

Program Manager,

RNA Biology, 

Department of Intramural Research Core (IRC)

The Center for Advanced-Applied Biological Sciences & Entrepreneurship (TCABS-E), Visakhapatnam (A.P.) India.

Telephone: +91 8660301662; Email: tcabse.india(at)gmail(dot)com.

Research Interests: Micro-RNA Therapeutics delivery: Micro-RNA (miR) molecules have been widely used as therapeutics, especially in Oncology. However, delivery of miRs has been a challenge due to structural instability and side effects of the delivery vehicles. My goal is to identify novel approaches for therapeutic miR delivery. I chose to use Synthetic Biology and protein-based liquid-liquid phase separation condensates as novel delivery vehicles.


Publications (Listed Chronologically)

  1. Lanka, M. and Yedidi, R.S. (2021). Novel strategies for targeted delivery of therapeutic microRNA molecules. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 2:18-20. Epub: Oct 15th , 2021. (View publication)​

  2. Addala, S., Vissapragada, M., Aggunna, M., Mukala, N., Lanka, M., Gampa, S., Sodasani, M., Chintalapati, J., Kamidi, A., Veeranna, R.P., Yedidi, R.S. (2022) Success of Current COVID-19 Vaccine Strategies vs. the Epitope Topology of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein-Receptor Binding Domain (RBD): A Computational Study of RBD Topology to Guide Future Vaccine Design. Vaccines. 2022; 10(6):841.

  3. Lanka, M., Sodasani, M. and Yedidi, R.S. (2022). Novel biophysical strategy for the delivery of therapeutic microRNA molecules for Cancer and infectious diseases treatment. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 4:9-17. Epub: Oct 5th , 2022. (View publication)

  4. Vissapragada, M., Addala, S., Aggunna, M., Mukala, N., Chintalapati, J., Kamidi, A., Korabu, M. S., Lanka, M., Palla, H., Sodasani, M., Grandhi, A. V. K. S., Unnisa, A., Adhikari, A., Kumpatla, A. D., Yerabolu, B., Paidi, C., Pemmadi, G., Penta, H., Mallavalli, H., Gadigoyala, K., Voleti, M., Ravilisetty, M., Akula, N., Gundubogula, P., Puripanda, P., Lankapalli, P., Sandipamu, P., Nagraj, R., Tamarala, R., Geddam, R., Kolluru, R., Oggu, R., Garbhapu, R., Meka, S., Geddam, S., Viyyapu, S., Sammangi, S., Javvaji, S., Chattopadhyay, S., Inemella, S., Grandhi, V., Chigilipalli, Y., Puppala, Y. C., Sharma, M. H., Gubbala, S., Thakur, K., Aanaparthi, S., Pothula, B. and Yedidi, R.S. (2022). In silico analysis of molnupiravir usage vs. efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 5:1-14. Mar 22nd, 2023. Epub: Oct 20th, 2022. (View publication)

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