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Ms. Madhuri Vissapragada

M.Sc. (Human Genetics)

Juniorette Assistant Professor,

Head of the Branch (HoB),

Synthetic Biology Branch, 

Department of Intramural Research Core (IRC)

The Center for Advanced-Applied Biological Sciences & Entrepreneurship (TCABS-E), Visakhapatnam (A.P.) India.

Telephone: +91 8660301662; Email: tcabse.india(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Research Interests: Synthetic Biology Applications

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is one of the majorly produced plastics which has a wide range of applications from household to industrial fields. The accumulation of PET plastics and related pollution in the environment have been global concerns for many years. The PET plastic production has increased to more than 500 billion tonnes in the year 2021. The discovery of PET degrading enzymes such as the PETase, etc. from a bacterium called Ideonella sakaiensis has opened new opportunities for many potential approaches to develop an efficient plastic biodegradation system. Out of many platforms available for this, we believe that synthetic biology approach can be the most effective way for the development of a novel system which is safe and efficient for the biodegradation of PET plastics.

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  • Vissapragada, M., Aggunna, M. and Yedidi, R.S. (2023). A probiotic vaccine for preventing coronavirus infection and preparation method. Patent No. 202341008573.

Publications (Listed Chronologically)

  1. Koppala, R.S., Vissapragada, M., Yedidi, R.S. (2020) Triplet codons to amino acids: Applications of machine learning approaches to protein translation made simple for college students. TCABSE-J, Spl. issue 1:3-6. Epub: Oct 25th, 2020. (View publication)

  2. Vissapragada, M., Addala, S., Sodasani, M., Yedidi, R.S. (2021) Major structural deviations in the receptor binding domain of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein may pose threat to the existing vaccines. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 1:12-14. Epub: Apr 13th, 2021. (View publication)

  3. Vissapragada, M., Yedidi, R.S. (2021) Design and development of synthetic bacteria with built in genetic circuits for plastics biodegradation. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 2:9-11. Epub: Oct 15th, 2021. (View publication

  4. Vissapragada, M., Addala, S., Grandhi, A.V.K.S., Gampa, S., Yedidi, R.S. (2021) Analysis of the wild type SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-mRNA secondary structure stability to predict viral fitness. TCABSE-J, Vol. 1, Issue 2:38-40. Epub: Oct 15th, 2021. (View publication)

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