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For registration to participate in this competition please use the link below:

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is this Juniorette Faculty Recruitment (JFR-2021)?

    • This is a wonderful opportunity for all those UG and PG students who have dreamt of becoming Scientists to solve the real world problems with practical solutions. TCABS-E offers you a unique opportunity to take advantage of the laboratory facilities by appointing you as a "Juniorette" faculty member with full independence to conduct Scientific research. The process begins with an online screening test for which you have to register yourself using the link above.

  • Do I get a job with salary if I am selected?

    • Yes, you will be appointed as a "Juniorette" faculty member at TCABS-E with a salary that appropriately fits your knowledge, accomplishments, skills, research experience, etc. that will be tested during the recruitment process.​ Typically we start at INR 100 per hour for full time appointments which roughly adds up to INR 16,000 per month.

  • How long does this screening process take?

    • The last date for registration is August 21, 2021. The online screening test will be in the end of August or early September. If you pass the online test, then you will be interviewed and shortlisted accordingly. Final results will be posted at the end of September 2021 or early October 2021.​

  • What if I am not eligible but still interested to participate?

    • If you are not sure about your eligibility please contact us at: or WhatsApp: 8660301662.


  • If selected, where will I be placed?

    • As of September 2021, you may be placed either in city of Rajamahendravaram or Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh wherever needed. However, this placement is finalized by TCABS-E and the applicant may or may not be able to choose the location.​

  • Is this a Government recruitment?

    • No, TCABS-E is a private training lab and is not related to any Governments.​

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