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Welcome to the Internship program in Biophysics!

The internship program in Biophysics is designed to train the participants in an inter-disciplinary fashion including Biophysical techniques such as spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, Chromatography, etc. This internship can be partly done online and laboratory practical training is required in order to obtain the final certification from TCABS-E! Laboratory training is subjected to the COVID-19 lockdown rules and restrictions. For example, interested people can get started with the online part during the lockdown and transition into the laboratory based training when the lockdown is completely removed. 


Ideally the duration for this internship program is 45 days for full time participants and 90 days for part time participants. However, due to COVID-19 lockdown rules, the internship may extend to 60 days for full time participants and 120 days for part time participants. This internship costs Rs. 15,000 in total. If the participant pays the full fee in the beginning then a discount of Rs. 2,000 will be given so that the total internship costs Rs. 13,000 only!


If you are interested in this program please contact us at: (or) WhatsApp: 8660301662 for registration and payment details. Please include your full name, mobile number and email address when you contact us.

Participants can choose to continue at TCABS-E as volunteer research assistants after the completion of the internship if they are interested in working on gaining real world experience depending on the availability of space and/or projects in the lab. It is the responsibility of the participants to enquire about such volunteer opportunities. An experience certificate will be issued to all the volunteers from TCABS-E.

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